About Me

My name is Amber and I am many things to many people! First, I am a daughter of the King and a lover of Jesus! I am also a Wife to a wonderful man, a Mom to 4 funny, awesome, smart, and sometimes crazy kiddos. I work as a nurse practitioner, and I also home school my kids. Writing is my creative outlet. 

On this blog, you’ll find stories and topics that affect motherhood and women that are raw, real and true. I try to look at all things in life through the lens of joy and simplicity because this gives me the best outlook on life!
I am really just like you! I love to scroll Facebook in my free seconds between “MOM!” I also enjoy a good chocolate snack in the half-bath just off the kitchen and just out of candy-wrapper-opening detection range of my children. 

Here you’ll find inspiration to help you through your journey of motherhood!

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