Scavenger Hunt Ideas For Bored Kids

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If you live anywhere in the US (or anywhere in the world really), you are likely stuck at home right now with your kids due to the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. If 2020 was planning a big bang of an entrance, it succeeded! The year has been more of a dumpster fire catastrophe than any parent ever wanted, and it’s only 3 months in!

Bored kids make for tired and irritable parents. Here are some cool scavenger hunt ideas to keep your kids busy!

Mom’s Choice Scavenger Hunt

Find something smelly

Find a dirty & single sock

Find a piece of trash on the floor

Find food left in your room

Find a toy you left out

Find an unflushed toilet

Find an empty roll of toilet paper

Find an empty carton or box in the fridge

Find a pen that doesn’t work

Find a half-eaten apple

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Find a banana peel

Find a single shoe

Find some hidden candy wrappers

Find a loose door knob


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Boredom buster scavenger hunts for kids

Colors Scavenger Hunt

Find a toy that is red

Find a piece of clothing that is blue

Find a veggie that is green

Find something of your sister’s that is purple

Find something of your brother’s that is yellow

Find a liquid that is white

Find a cup that is orange

Find something with 2 colors

Find something with 3 colors

Find something with 4 or more colors

Boredom buster scavenger hunts for kids

Texture Scavenger Hunt

Find something scratchy

Find something soft

Find something sharp

Find something smooth

Find something bumpy

Find something fluffy

Find something  crinkly

Find something sticky

Find something hard

Find something squishy

Find something crunchy

Useful Things Scavenger Hunt

Find something that makes us healthy

Find something used to cut

Find something used to color

Find something used to cook

Find a food that has protein

Find something we use to learn

Find something that makes people happy

Find something that keeps people safe


Shapes Scavenger Hunt

Find a fruit that is a sphere

Find a circle

Find a toy that is a cube

Find a square

Find a piece of paper that is a triangle

Find something for drinking that is a cylinder

Find something that is flat

Find something that is a rectangle


Mommy’s Things Scavenger Hunt

Find something mommy loves

Find something mommy uses to do her hair

Find something mommy cooks with

Find something mommy sleeps with

Find something mommy does her nails with

Find something pretty mommy keeps on her dresser or shelf

Find something mommy takes when she leaves the house

Find something mommy likes to look at

Find something mommy likes to smell

Find something mommy likes to eat

Spring Scavenger Hunt

Find something growing

Find a twig with buds

Find a bird’s nest

Find a bug

Find a squirrel

Find something that croaks

Find something green

Find a sunny spot

Find a pretty rock

Find something that flies


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Boredom buster scavenger hunts for kids

Daddy’s Things Scavenger Hunt

Find something daddy wears

Find something daddy reads

Find something daddy takes when he leaves the house

Find something daddy wears on his head

Find something daddy uses at night

Find something daddy uses to shave

Find something daddy likes to eat


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