10 Things Happy Moms Do Before Their Kids Wake Up

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Being a mom is such a privilege. It is one of the most important jobs of all time, as well as the most rewarding. But some days, being a mom can be draining, especially if you are not happy. I have found that if I can fill myself up before I try to fill my kids up, that I am a much happier mom.  Happy moms make time to take care of themselves and their needs before the needs of their kids.

Here are some things that that you will find a happy mom doing before her kids wake up.

Things Happy Moms Do Before Her Kids Wake Up
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Happy moms wake up just before sunrise, and long before her kids.

Happy moms know that to get a great start to the day they need to start the day well. That means getting up and taking care of themselves before needing to take care of their kids. They spend time in prayer, meditation, and feeding their bodies and soul to feel well rested.

Happy moms prepare things for the day ahead.

This includes lunches, tidying up a bit, and making lists of what she wants to accomplish that day. A happy mom knows that preparing for what she is able to now, will help her to feel less overwhelmed later when all the kids are awake.

A happy mom spends time in nature.

Studies show that nature is healing and helpful for your mood. This could mean anything from having coffee out on the porch in the warm summer sunrise, to sitting by a window looking out at falling snow with coffee in hand. When it comes to the grounding effects of nature, shoot for about 90 minutes if you can.

A happy mom makes her home smell fresh.

This can include taking care of dirty items from the precious day, opening windows, and having fresh flowers in a room that is used a lot. Smells can affect our emotions greatly, so make sure your environment smells fresh and welcoming. 

A happy mom reads something motivational each morning.

Resetting your mind and focusing your thoughts with motivating articles or books is a great way to put your focus on tackling the day ahead. 

Happy moms count their blessings.

They may journal, or just make a mental list of everything that they have that is worth being thankful for. They don’t focus on the problems or negative of life much. 

Happy moms exercise.

The morning is a great time to get in a quick run on the treadmill, or around the block. Exercise releases endorphins which naturally boost your mood. Yoga is a great way to meditate or pray, and exercise all at the same time. 

Happy moms know their worth.

They don’t spend time focusing on feelings of guilt or not being enough. Instead they look in the mirror and build themselves up, knowing that God has called them to be the specific mom that their kids need. 

Happy moms take care of their nutrition.

This includes eating a healthy breakfast and drinking water in the morning to help hydrate and fuel their bodies for the day ahead. 

Happy moms stretch each morning.

Stretching helps the body to loosen up and muscles to relax. This can greatly improve your physical health as well as your mood. A happy mom knows that when she is healthy, she can give what her kids need from her that day. 

Learning to get up in the morning before my kids and do these things has greatly improved my days! What else would you add to the list? I’d love to hear your comments below. 

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