17 Things That Help Calm A Fussy Baby

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Nothing can be more frustrating that when your sweet baby is fussy and you can’t calm her. You wish you could just ask her whats wrong, but you can’t. When you’ve determined that your baby isn’t in pain or sick, hungry or tired, here are some things that can help calm your fussy baby.

Hold your baby and pat her rump

Walk around with your baby in your arms or in a carrier

Sing to your baby

Show your baby the ceiling fan or light

Swaddle your baby

Give your baby a warm bath

Talk to your baby with lots of changing voice inflections

Strap your baby into her carseat and put her on top of the running clothes dryer

Take your baby for a walk in a stroller

Take you baby for a car ride around the block a few times

Turn on music for your baby

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Read to your baby

Rock your baby in a rocking chair

Give your baby a pacifier 

Play peek-a-boo with your baby

Let your baby play with a chunky necklace around your neck

Show your baby interesting noises and textures with household things like foil, tissue paper, or a baking dish with water (always stay nearby)

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17 ways to help calm a fussy baby
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