100 Fun Dates For Mommy & Son

100 Fun Dates For Mommy & Son

I always thought I’d be a girl mom, but when my 3 sons were born, God allowed me to see a little slice of heaven! Boys are wonderfully playful, smart, kind, and so much fun to be pals with! Over the years I’ve tried to think of ways for my sons and I to have one on one mom and son dates doing fun things. I try to spend intentional time with each of them when time allows. Here is a list I’ve compiled of 101 fun dates for mom and son. I’ve broken it down into groups of cost for you to check out!

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101 Fun Dates For Mommy & Son!

Free Or Very Cheap Mommy & Son Dates

1. Go fishing

2. Go for a drive

3. Go window shopping at a sporting goods store

4. Build a kite together

5. Go fly your kite on a windy day together

6. Take a walk together

7. Take a bike ride together

Play his favorite video games together while the rest of the family is out

Make dinner together

Go to the pet store and window shop together

Volunteer together (bring donations to an animal shelter, serve food at a homeless shelter, work a couple hours at a food pantry etc.- all together)

Read a book under a tree on a warm day together

Go to a coffee shop and play a board game together

Go shopping for groceries together (and throw in a stop for an ice cream cone)

Go learn about local wildlife together at a nature center

Go for a hike through the woods

Go backyard camping together

Go on a short camping trip away from home together

Run or walk a local race together (this could turn into multiple dates while you train)

Have a paper airplane making and throwing competition together

Pack a picnic basket and have lunch on the porch together

Take a loaf of bread to feed the ducks at the local pond together

Go sledding together

Draw portraits of each other and put them in frames, then have someone else judge

Go look for turtles at the lake together

Play catch at a local football or baseball field together

Go to a community or school sports game together

Have a water balloon fight

Have a snowball fight

Go practice hitting some baseballs at the local batting cages

Go to the park together

Build a snowman or even snow family together

Go to the pool or beach together

Go to a skate park together

Go to the library together (to check out books or for a free program!)

Visit a car show and make a day of it

Go to a petting zoo

Play hide and seek outside together

Build a living room fort together and have a sleepover

Have a chalk drawing contest in the driveway

Take your family dog to the dog park together

Go on a bug hunt after the rain

Go geocaching together

Bake cookies together

Take a snowboarding or skiing lesson together

Have a summersault or cartwheel competition on a nice day

Build a fire and roast hot dogs and s’mores

Have a movie and hot cocoa night indoors

Mommy & Son Dates That Cost A Little

49. Go to a baseball game together (think nosebleed seats)

50. Go see a community or high school play together

51. Go pick berries together at a local farm

52. Go see a movie together

53. Go get ice cream at an ice cream parlor

54. Take him shopping for something he wants or needs (new shoes!)

55. Go to a museum

56. Go to an indoor aquarium

57. Go out to dinner/breakfast or lunch together

58. Go ice skating together

59. Go to the zoo and spend the day

60. Go play laser tag

61. Go to a trampoline park together

62. Go bowling together

63. Go ride go carts

64. Go on a horseback ride

65. Make a model car or airplanes together

66. Go mini-golfing and eat burgers

67. Buy seeds and supplies and plant a garden together

68. Go to a local bee keeper and collect honey to take home together

69. Go play paint ball together

70. Go ride 4-wheelers

71. Go hunting together

72. Go to a shooting range to practice shooting or archery

73. Go canoeing together and bring a picnic

74. Take a class on wild animals at the zoo together

75. Go to the county fair together

76. Order pizza and candy and have a movie night in together

77. Build a birdhouse together

78. Take him to meet a local celebrity

Mommy & Son Dates That Cost A Little More

79. Go to a painting night at a local painting shop

80. Take a cooking class together

81. Take a video game designing class together

82. Take him to a concert to see his favorite artist

83. Take him on a road trip

84. Go to an amusement park just the two of you

85. Go to a spring training baseball game

86. Take him shopping for a pet

87. Take him shopping to redecorate his room

89. Surprise him with plane tickets to somewhere fun for the weekend

90. Take him to a mommy-son dance and have a nice dinner out before hand

91. Take him to stay at a fancy hotel and swim for a night (great for winter)

92. Take him to a monster truck show

93. Hire a photographer and take mommy & son photos at your favorite spots

94. Go skydiving

95. Rent a limo and go out on the town for the evening

96. Spring for backstage passes at a concert

97. Take him for lunch and then to Build-a-Bear to make a bear

98. Take him to visit the college of his dreams

99. Build a go cart together

100. Build a fort together

101. Go for a weekend of boating and tubbing and fishing at a lake house

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