The Best Diaper Bags For Mom & Baby!

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When it comes to having a baby these days, there are endless options for fun things to have an excuse to buy! Today’s post is about diaper bags in all of their glory. Back in our parent’s day, a diaper bag was literally just a one compartment bag that held everything well, but had no organization. Today’s best diaper bags come with so many different designs and options to making shopping for a new diaper bag super fun!

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First, you need to decide things about your diaper bag, like:

  • Do you want a big or small diaper bag?
  • What color do you want your diaper bag to be?
  • What functions do you want the diaper bag to perform (other than to carry stuff)?
  • How do you want to carry your diaper bag (hand held, shoulder, cross-body, or on your back?)

I have found that the best diaper bags out there have some specific features that I find super helpful:

  • A loop strap for hanging on the back of my stroller.
  • Many different compartments.
  •  A specific bottle holding compartment.
  • Room for my breastfeeding supplies- link to breastfeeding article.
  • A fold out and easily cleanable diaper changing pad.
  • A structure to the bag that doesn’t let it collapse.
  • A nice but durable material and texture.
  • A warm color that I like to look at.
  • A medium size that I can fit into the bottom of my stroller.

As I get ready to have my 5th baby, I am pretty excited to go shopping for a new diaper bag! Below you’ll find my top picks for what I consider the best diaper bags out there today, and hopefully my picks will inspire you as well!

The Best Diaper Bags For Mom and Baby!

First Pick Diaper Bag: 

Because this diaper bag is stylish to look at AND it has some super unique functions, I am choosing it as my top pick! Not only does this diaper bag from Laluka include everything you need in a medium sized space, but you can carry it in three different positions and it has a portable baby bassinet built in! 

At $75, it’s a great value for the money!



Second Pick Diaper Bag:

My second pick for best diaper bag is this beautiful Lokass bag from Srotek.  At $35, I love that this bag is super pretty, is made of an easily cleanable material, and has a structure with specific pouches for items. 



Third Pick Diaper Bag:

At only $35, I love this cute diaper bag from Pomelo Best. It’s versatile, has multiple pockets, can be worn hands free if needed, and the variety of colors makes it a top pick for dads to carry too!



Fourth Pick Diaper Bag:

For just over $40, this super sporty Columbia diaper bag works for moms and dads alike! It’s durable, and holds everything you and your baby might need.



Fifth Pick Diaper Bag:

I really really like this stylish bag, that really doesn’t look like a diaper bag at all! At $99 from Skip Hop, it’s made with vegan leather, is beautiful, functional, and can be hand held or hands free!



Sixth Pick Diaper Bag:

This camo diaper bag from Qwreoia is my next pick because it’s super cool looking, won’t fall apart easily, and super functional. It’s also got a spot for your phone charging cable! This is a great pick for a baby boy or dads to carry at only $29!



Seventh Pick Diaper Bag:

This super cute and fun bag from HaloVa is my next pick. It’s fun look says it all! It’s also structured with multiple pockets for baby’s supplies, and can be worn hands free or hand held. It also has a wet pocket for wet or dirty clothes! Love the price also at only $33!



Eighth Pick Diaper Bag:

There are many reasons to love this great diaper bag from Ruvalino. It has super comfy straps, and comes in lots of simple colors, has space for everything that baby needs, and it has TONS of great reviews! The price is great too at only $40!

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Ninth Pick Diaper Bag:

I love the look and cool color options of this backpack diaper bag by Vakker. At $25, it’s durable and water resistant, with so many compartments to put all the essentials in. 



Tenth Pick Diaper Bag:

My last pick is certainly not the least cool. This $65 diaper bag from Skip Hop has a cool design and durable material, while being stylish and super functional with straps and pockets for every need! It also comes in a variety of cute colors!

I hope you found this review helpful and found something that you loved like I did! If you snag one of these great diaper bags, I’d love to hear about it along with a pick of you and your baby rockin the bag!

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The Best Diaper Bags for Mom and Baby

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