The Funniest Pregnancy Announcement Shirts Out There

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Expecting a new baby? Check out this list of the the most hilarious pregnancy announcement t-shirts on the market today!

If funny AF pregnancy announcement t-shirts were a thing when I had my first baby, I’d have a ton of them now!

Seriously, who thought of these?!

If men can put naked lady silhouette stickers on their trucks and drive around town wearing questionable AF clothing choices, then why can’t women have a little fun too?  

There are pregnancy announcement t-shirts for every type of mom-to-be and I’m confident you can find the right one for you. So go on, grab one of these hilarious shirts and carry you new baby bump in style!

Below are super fun ways for moms-to-be to do just that!

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The Best Mom-To-Be Pregnancy Shirts Out There!

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1. If you’ve seen The Sandlot, you’ll understand!



2. Husbands have heard this before…


3. ALWAYS read the fine print!



4. Whatcha cookin?

5. But I DO love cake!


6. I Swear, he did!




7. There’s a baby AND probably a doughnut in there…


8. Not a dinosaur but I am…




9. Pregnant AF




10. Mama always told me…




11. We LOVE tacos!



12. Give us ALL the tacos!



13. Mama bear has a baby bear!




14. Coming soon…

No matter what your style, you’re sure to find a funny way to strut your baby bump with these awesome finds!

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