The Breastfeeding Advice You Can’t Afford to Live Without!

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There are so many different aspects to breastfeeding that can be discussed, but for now, I am going to give you the best breastfeeding advice that I was given, and literally used every single day, actually multiple times per day while I was nursing my babies.

First, here’s the low down on breastfeeding straight from a mom who’s done it 4, now almost 5 times.

Just like having kids, breastfeeding is the one of the most wonderful things that you will ever experience as a mom. Benefits of breast feeding are through the roof! I’ll only mention a few of them here:

  • Improved bonding with your baby.
  • Nutrition for your baby that is hands down- the very best!
  • Decreased risk of diseases like breast cancer for mom.
  • Decreased risk of MULTIPLE diseases and illnesses for the baby- for years to come, I might add.
  • Faster weight loss after baby.

You can check out a full list of breastfeeding benefits here! 

But of course, all of this comes at a price. Most good things do, right? The price is this: breast feeding is wonderful, but is also FLIPPING HARD some days.

For the first time mom, breastfeeding can be downright painful until you learn to get your baby latching correctly. You will also get exhausted being thought of as a milking cow in your baby’s eyes.

Of course you keep going though, because the only thing that you baby wants is your boob (that sounds odd but it’s true), and you love your baby so you give him anything he wants as a newborn!

Now let me make the disclaimer that breastfeeding is NOT right for everyone! I stand firm on my position (which is also the position of science) that breast is best for the baby. However, I am not here to shame anyone for doing what they feel is right for them. Some women can not breast feed and of course it is completely OK to feed your baby formula. A FED baby is the best, truly.

So if you’ve read this far, and you’re thinking, Let’s get to the advice already…here it is.


The breastfeeding advice that you can’t live without.

While there’s LOTS of advice out there, and LOTS of aspects to breastfeeding, I am going to talk about the one bit of advice that was the most helpful for me, as well as a ton of other moms that I have asked.


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OK, so what is lanolin?- according to Wikipedia, it is a natural substance that is secreted by woolly animals- sounds weird right? But here’s the thing, it’s 100% natural and safe. Here’s the other thing- IT’S AMAZING.

This cream is a miracle worker and (if you didn’t come here to hear about nipples, now is the time to leave) literally will save your nipples from extreme pain, dryness, cracking, and bleeding!

I used it literally every single time after I fed my babies and let it sit there, soaking in all of its wonderful moisturizing goodness, until the next time my baby ate.

Let me be clear, if you do not use nipple cream in between feedings you will be in extreme pain and every time your baby latches it will feel like a thousand knives are being shoved into your nipples and twisted. Sound extreme? It’s not.

At this point you should be just a little scared. If so, good. A little healthy fear is what you need to make it as a breastfeeding mom.


I LOVE the Lansinoh brand of nipple cream because…

  1. I like the pretty packaging…maybe silly, but the way it looks is important!
  2. It is fairly cheap and lasts FOREVER (think, 1 tub per baby and that’s only because you will loose it after you stop breastfeeding).
  3. It is made with only 7 ingredients which are all natural so you don’t have to clean it off your nipples before feeding, and you know that your baby is not ingesting any chemical- laden nastiness! (Possibly the most important point, and this should be at the top of the list.)

Here it is if you’d like to check it out on Amazon…

For under $10 (normally $15 but on sale right now), this is the ABSOLUTE BEST ADVICE I can recommend to you for breastfeeding your baby.

I love the version above because it has things like shea butter, and coconut oil in it for extra moisture. However, if you’d rather use a cream that is 100% lanolin, this is a great option as well…

There are lots of other options out there that look amazing, but honestly I’ve never tried them . I 100% trust the products that I listed above because I know they are safe, and incredibly effective.

Here are a couple other nipple creams though that look like they’d be worth a shot…

So there it is, the breastfeeding advice that you can’t afford to live without. 

Check out also, Tips to Drink More Water (to help with breastfeeding of course), and watch for more breastfeeding articles soon!

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