Daddy, Take Me With You

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I can personally think of at least 932 reasons to avoid taking kids to the store….and so can my husband.
1. The peace and quiet… 2. No need for micromanaging another smallish human being who thinks that climbing the store shelves to reach the top Cheetos bag is reasonable… 3. The avoidance of never ending questions as you drive when all you want to do is unwind…4. Completing your shopping all while never having to check your basket for items that were randomly thrown in unannounced, like 150 water balloons and a family sized box of cereal that has more sugar than your family needs in a year…932. Coming home with 15 things that were not on your list, and forgetting 17 things that you really needed because you were distracted by dealing with all the other things listed above!
  • Kids are tiring
  • And frustrating
  • And exhausting
  • They’re grabby
  • They’re complainey
  • They’re flat out non-compliant!
  • They’re rowdy
  • They’re loud
  • They’re so so energetic!
  • But they are also loving
  • And sensitive
  • And really really smart
  • They’re intuitive
  • And caring
  • They know how to light up a room
  • And they really know how to have fun
  • They are filled with wonder!
So when our spunky and lighthearted 6 year old asks to come too when my husband announced he is going to get some candy, why the heck would we immediately say no?
Are our childhoods so far gone that we really cannot remember what it feels like to be 6?
Can we not appreciate the wonder and excitement of such simple things in life, like getting to ride with your daddy to pick out some candy?
Are we so overburdened with life that we really just don’t have patience in our hearts enough to spend a quick 3 minute car ride with an energetic little boy who lights up the room?
Yes to all of those things sometimes!
I get it, we’re tired.
You’re tired!
But remember, that in your child’s eyes, this is not just another trip to the store…
This is excitement,
This is time with one of his most favorite people,
This is wonder,
This is the funnest thing ever!
This is life with a 6 year old.
This kind of excitement is what all of us parents wish that we could still have inside of our hearts!
Wow…we really have the best job on the planet! We get a front row seat to the stories that are our children’s lives! We get to experience all that the world has to offer directly through their eyes! We get to influence their hearts by showing them what’s important in this life.
I hope that I can show my kids that spending time together no matter what the circumstance is one of my top priorities. I hope I’m never too burdened with life that I can’t stop and enjoy a simple life moment with them.
I hope I can be just as excited about watching my kids experience exciting moments!
After all, a simple trip to the store as a daddy is a bit mundane… but a simple trip to the store WITH daddy can be the excitement of a little boy’s day!

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