11 Things that Happen to Your Body When you Start Exercising Today

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Exercise and I have a love-hate relationship. I love that it makes me feel better physically and mentally, but I really hate getting up and forcing myself to exercise.

Exercise is important in so many ways though, and that is why I want to motivate you (and myself) with this post on reasons to start exercising that are so logical, you will want to start today!

Spring is here, and swimsuit season is on it’s way! But honestly, exercise makes your whole body feel great even without the added benefit of looking good in the summer!

Check out 11 Things that Happen to Your Body When You Start Exercising TODAY!

1. Start exercising today and your future self will thank you!

In other words, gratitude! Starting something new is hard, but the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll feel comfortable and natural doing it. In a few months, you’ll look back and thank yourself for starting today.

2. Exercise will make you healthier!

The American Heart Association recommends getting at least 150 minutes per week of aerobic exercise, and adding in weights or resistance training a few days as well. In addition, the CDC lays out the numerous health benefits of regular exercise, and preventing heart disease is towards the top of the list! 

11 Things That Happens to Your Body When You Start Exercising Today

3. Exercise makes you feel happier & more energized!

When you exercise, you’ll notice that afterwards, you feel really good! And if you are struggle with some overwhelm and anxiety in motherhood, you’ll really benefit from exercise! You may be even a little happier over time. That’s because exercise encourages our bodies to release endorphins, which can help us to feel physically better, and happier, and can even help with depression!  The feeling is kind of addicting, actually- but not in a dangerous way!

4. Exercise improves your self-esteem.

No matter what your size, shape, or weight, exercise can make you feel amazing. This leads to an improved feeling of self-esteem because you know how much you have accomplished, and how far you have come!

5. Exercise makes you confident, & more attractive to your husband, or boyfriend!

Who doesn’t want more attractiveness thrown at them? I don’t mean physical attractiveness necessarily, I mean that since exercise makes your self-esteem soar, your behavior and general air of confidence will make your husband swoon and wonder what’s gotten into you!

6. Exercise can make you more physically attractive also!

Of course, this one is worth mentioning. Long term exercise can make you stand out with the sleek, muscular and toned up physique it will give you. Although this is not the most important reason to start exercising, it is a great benefit!

7. Exercising will make you want to quit bad habits.

When you start exercising, you will start to naturally make other healthy choices in your life that fall in line with keeping yourself healthy. You’ll notice that you drink more water, and you eat healthier. You also may even consider quitting smoking!

8. Exercising will help you sleep better.

Yes, it’s true. Exercise during the day will help you to fall asleep and get better quality sleep at night!

9. Exercising will give you more energy! 

Feeling like life and kids have made you feel old and tired? Try starting an exercise regimen today and in 2 weeks I bet you will have more energy than you started with. Seems counter intuitive, but it works!

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10. Exercise makes your brain smarter!

Benefits can include having a sharper memory, and being able to think more clearly about things. This can have obvious benefits in motherhood, your career, and your overall life!

11. Regular exercise can improve your sex life!

For both men and women, exercise can help with problems of low arousal and even ED in men! As if all the other reasons weren’t enough!

11 Things That Happens to Your Body When You Start Exercising Today

So no matter what reason you choose, start exercising today! If you can only start with a few minutes here and there, that’s OK! The key is consistency, and over time, you’ll notice so many benefits to exercising and taking care of your health, that you’ll never want to stop!

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