Candyless Easter Baskets for Every Kid

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I don’t know about your kids, but mine are inundated on a regular basis with sugar, sugar and more SUGAR! 

It seems that ever holiday is just an excuse to throw candy and cupcakes at our kids! Of course, they love it, but all that sugar isn’t good for them…at all!

So this year, I plan to plan ahead, and buy some fun things to put in their Easter baskets that have nothing to do with candy!

OK, OK, maybe i’ll put a few Peeps in also… Who can resist a Peep or two?

So here are Candyless Easter Baskets That Your Kids will Love!

Candyless Easter Baskets for Every Kid

This post contains affiliate links- see my disclosure here


 The Princess Girl Easter Basket

If you have a little girl who loves all things princess and pink, she will love these Easter gifts!

Disney princess sticker book

Elsa doll

Melissa & Doug Disney princess doll magnets

Disney princess jewelry set 

Candyless Easter Baskets for Every Kid

 The Adventurous Kid Easter Basket

Your adventurous kid will love these cool wilderness stories and survival tools for their Easter basket!


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Paracord wilderness compass bracelets

Wilderness survival kit

Hardy Boys books

 The Sporty Girl’s Easter Basket

Girls are athletes too! Encourage your sporty girl to feel her best with some new gear in her Easter basket!

Soccer ball

Sporty water bottle

Sporty bracelet

Sporty hair ties

The Sports Boy Easter Basket

Here are some surefire picks for your sporty little boy!


Nike sports socks in a variety of colors

Under Armor Gear

Sporty Polarized Sunglasses

The Car Lover Easter Basket

The ultimate car enthusiast Easter basket ideas!

Hot Wheels track

Hot Wheels gift set

Cars poster

Car lover’s hooded t-shirt

The Beyblade Easter basket

Your kids will flip and then battle for these super cool Beyblade Easter gifts!

Cool Beyblade Stadium

Beyblades With Launchers Set

The Best Candyless Easter Baskets

The Minecraft Easter Basket

Minecraft essentials Easter gifts for your little gamer!

Minecraft Lego Zombie kit

Minecraft variety of plush pillows

Activity book for Minecrafters

Minecraft Wallet

I hope these ideas inspire you to fill your kid’s Easter basket with something other than candy this year! The best part is, you can mix and match these items for to match whatever your kid is into right now!

Happy Easter!

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