Dear Husband, Lets Not Forget About Us

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Dear husband, we were happy once, weren’t we? We were content at least, if not even in love… we didn’t know any different back then. We didn’t know then, that it would be so easy to forget about us.

We didn’t know that we should cherish that time, back in the beginning of us. We didn’t know that life would get harder, we didn’t know that the comfort and assurance we had in one another would come into question one day down the road. We had each other and we couldn’t see forward to a time when that wouldn’t be enough. 

Life wasn’t always perfect, that I’ll admit. But what happened between then and now other than a series of amazing blessings? Four amazing blessings to be exact. Four beautiful kids that are the best parts of you and me, the living, walking, breathing artwork of us. What could be more a surreal and incomparable blessing to our lives?

I wonder though, those blessings… did we appreciate them too much? Have we protected them too much? Have we out-sourced ourselves and given too much of our time, energy and emotions to them? I ask because sometimes it seems that Us is just a mindless afterthought.

Please Dear husband, lets not forgot about Us

I know you love those kids more than life itself, and that is the most amazing and sexy thing. You know that I would do anything for them without hesitation. This kind of love and dedication  that we’ve created is more valuable than any amount of money. But maybe we’ve become blinded by our riches. 

I wonder if we have been blessed so much that we forgot about each other. After all, back when we earned very little, and only had each other in our dingy little apartment, life seemed easier- we seemed easier.

The truth is, this life is what we prayed for and dreamed of, and now it’s here. We are grateful for the answered prayer, it’s true. But when God gives us blessings, we don’t focus on the blessings, we look to the giver, the creator to be the center of our lives- not our blessings.

Please Dear husband, let’s not forget about Us.

Our kids tend to be central in our lives, but maybe they shouldn’t be.

They shouldn’t be our everything- God should.

They shouldn’t take up all of our time- some of that should be reserved for us.

They shouldn’t be a cause of tension- they are blessings after all.

They can’t be our main loves- we have each other for that

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They shouldn’t be the last thing we think about before we crash for the night- I share my bed with you, not them.

They can’t cause us to worry about them so much that we forget to worry about each other

Praying for them should never come in the place of praying for each other. 

They can’t hold our hearts  – that is my responsibility to you, and your’s to me.

Dear Husband, lets not forget about us

So please dear husband, in the mess that is life, let’s not forget about Us.

In the busy days, and exhausted nights, let’s not forget about Us.

In the responsibilities, and the obligations, in the mundane, and in the silent glances, and quiet few moments each day, in the habit of saying,”I love you” before bedtime, in the morning routines, and waves goodbye, in the space in this life that is reserved just for you and I… let’s not forget about Us.

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