9 Amazing Ways to Save for your Next Get Away!

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This time of year, everyone is daydreaming about a get away.

In fact, if you had planned earlier, you could be lying on the beach somewhere is Florida right now instead of sitting…there (wherever you are this winter).

And even if you DO live in a beautiful warm state like Florida, I am sure you still love to go on vacation!

For a lot of us, vacation is something that we dream about and plan, but sometimes the cost of it comes as a surprise to us! Or is that just me?

It doesn’t have to be this way though! Planning a vacation should only come after you’ve SAVED for a vacation.

Please, PLEASE- don’t ever put your vacation on a credit card! Not only will you have wracked up credit card debit, but worse, you will feel that very real mental burden knowing that you have a ton of money to somehow pay off when you get back home to reality- it just really isn’t worth it!

With the right mindset and clever planning, you can totally afford that next vacation you and the hubs have been dreaming of!

Maybe sans children, or maybe the whole family can go; either way… let’s plan it now, and it will be AMAZING and debt free!


5 Non Hack, Totally Logical, Super Simple ways to save for your next get away!



1. Budget!

This is a must. Going on vacation often requires good planning, and budgeting is at the heart of good planning!

Grab a Free Budget Sheet Printable here and start planning!

You can also check out my awesome and totally free Family Budgeting Journal and take a more in depth look at your spending habits and how to change them. 


2. Start a completely separate savings account!

Doing this will help you to mentally separate your vacation money from your regular money.

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The more separated it is, the less likely you are to spend it. Then any money that you can spare at the end of the month can go directly into this account (you can even set up an automatic monthly transfer if you know exactly how much you can save).

On that note, it’s worth mentioning that you should NOT attached a debit card to this extra savings account.

When you are ready to start purchasing vacation items like plane tickets, just hop online to your banking app and transfer the money to your regular account.


3. Cut back on extra spending for 2-4 months before your get away

Often, we spend money on a lot of little things each month. Trips to Starbucks, quick jaunts to Target,  grabbing McDonald’s for the kids, or having drinks out with friends can easily take up more money that you would think!

You may not feel like you overspend because you don’t buy anything very expensive, but taking a look at your budget can really open your eyes to how much you actually spend.

The results will surprise you! (Check out this Free Spending Tracker). Look at all your spending and decide what you can cut back on and how much money you’ll save by doing so.  


4. Pick up a few extra hours of work

This is a great way to earn some extra money over time that you can add to your vacation savings account.

If you can’t work extra at your job, try selling something if you’re crafty, picking up some extra slack for friends and family for a few bucks, or even consider donating blood (or plasma if you’re really motivated)! 


5. Start carrying cash and leaving your debit card at home

Budgeting and carrying cash for needed items will help you to not over spend.

How? By letting you see exactly how much you have to spend for the rest of the week- this will help you to say no to frivolous spending that you didn’t plan for, no matter how small. 


6. Never carry your credit card with you

This is a good rule to follow for life.

Credit cards are often at the center of money issues because they are so easy to use, yet so difficult to pay off.

Putting things on a credit card right now may seem like a solution to free up some quick cash for your vacation, but it will only make things worse in the long run.

I’m talking worse as in that emotional and mental unsettled feeling that you get when you know you’ve spent more than you can afford. It’s not a good feeling to have.

Just don’t do it. 


7. Eat at home for a month

Eating at home can save you literally up to 50% (or maybe more) on your food bill each month (assuming you eat out a decent amount).

It may not be glamorous, but eating at home really is much healthier for your waistline and your wallet! 


8. Skip the convenience store

Making quick stops at convenience store even a couple times per week can really add up! Make a pledge to not stop to get that drink for 2 weeks and see how much money you have saved! 


9. Go on a spending freeze!

If all else fails, going on a complete spending freeze can really shock your financial system back into shape. Don’t buy anything extra for 1 month, and reuse as much as you can to avoid having to buy it! 

Start these super simple, and super logical savings tricks now so that you can truly enjoy the sun and the surf without regrets when your vacation rolls around!

Let me know any other vacation savings tricks that work for you in the comments below!

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